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Blessings of RIMPOCHA converts to the rarest teas & herbal blends that are grown in the magical corners of the Himalayas, to holistic sustainable practices, without any chemical inputs.



Black tea is the most popularly consumed tea in the world. The brew is strong with a reddish brown color. The perfect pick me up for an early morning, it can be consumed by itself or with milk and sugar.

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₹175/100 gm


All green teas on offer have been selected by Rimpocha to match the parameters of the legendary Japanese Tea Master, Yamashita san from Kyotanabe. The Sencha is the surprise selection for the green tea connoisseur. Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamins, and low in caffeine. Ubiquitous in a healthy lifestyle, green tea is light, refreshing, and best taken with two drops of lemon.

Starting from
₹175/100 gm


Herbal teas are refreshing, soothing, and therapeutic. Green or Black teas are infused with an assortment of herbs and dried flowers to create a wondrous, wellness experience. Rimpocha blends are created in close collaboration with global naturopaths.

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₹270/100 gm


The First Spring Flush is tenderly picked in spring, March, post the long, arid winter dormancy. The tea is a delicate, genteel cup with peachy overtones. Rimpocha recommends this ambrosia to be sipped as the inaugural morning cuppa.

₹500/ 100 gm


The Second Musk Flush is a high summer tea, catalysed by the advent of the first Norwesters in late April. The ferocious thunderstorms are short and intense. A half hour downpour of 10cm, accompanied by flashes of lightning and claps of thunder is a transformative magical wand. Overnight the second flush appears with all the summer life forces. Millions of green fly feed on the emergent second flush, retarding the growth. These damaged leaves are carefully picked to make this rare offering.  Rimpocha has carefully tasted the best offerings from the region, to be heady with a 5 minute steeped brew.

₹520/ 100 gm


The Silver Tip is the Kohinoor in Rimpocha’s turban, picked under perfect planetary alignment. Be lulled to celestial slumber with this libation.

₹1000/50 gm




Rajah Banerjee is a tea-grower by tradition, and a TREE-grower by passion. He helmed the Makaibari tea estate for over four decades, in the process revolutionized agriculture in the region, creating holistic sustainable system that addresses economic, politics and the environment. It’s a global movement today.

On exiting Makaibari, Rajah turned his attention to Rimpocha, creating a slew of plantations where the tea is holistically grown to the highest organic standards, free from chemical pollutants. Rimpocha stands on five pillars of sustainability: healthy soil, economically-empowered women, biodynamic compost & fuel from the holy cow, fair price & trade for marginalized growers and technological assistance for direct marketing of their produce.

But there’s more to Rimpocha than that which meets the eye. Rajah plans to create a self-sufficient system that changes the face of Indian agriculture, paving way for a better life for the billion marginalized farmers. The objective being financial stability to the marginalized growers, to enable them to usher education, become self-aware, build capacity and have character to fulfil their dreams.



The organic food bowl of the world

Rimpocha is reinventing agriculture through holistic biodynamic practices. Every plant grown is free from chemicals, the soil is nourished with manure and vegetable compost, and each worker progresses to a better standard of living. And each small grower uplifted to a dignified lifestyle.

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